H.O.P.E. – Helping Other Parents Endure  

This core service provides support to families raising children by assisting with navigating health and social services and providing a safe space to share resources and access individualized support to address emergent needs. Services include needs assessment, referral, and support for people and families of childbearing age by using ongoing education, self-advocacy, linkages to services and providing assistance with wraparound services.

MATERNAL INFANT HEALTH (MIH): Improving Health Equity and Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes

The MIH program provides education and training for prenatal, postpartum, preconceptional and interconceptional people. Trained staff will also provide education, support and referral   for individuals of childbearing age. The program conducts health education workshops to enhance and promote positive maternal and child health outcomes.

This program is supported by The NYC Council & NYC Department of Health (DOHMH)

One-to-One Education Sessions

The individualized sessions provide targeted maternal health and health support services to a sub-population of pregnant and postpartum women along with providing language specific education and outreach services aimed at improving maternal health outcomes and reducing health disparities.

One-to-One Education Sessions: Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding programs sessions provide language specific Breastfeeding Education and provide support to pregnant or postpartum individuals in English and Haitian Kreyol. Book a session or find out more here.

Group Education Sessions:

Interactive group sessions to learn about the effects of toxic stress on the body and to teach Stress Management, Self-Care and promote wellness. Find out about classes here.