“You will succeed not because you’re allowed to, but because you decide to. You will prosper not because of the hand you’ve been dealt, but because of what you do with it.
You can allow yourself to be held back by what is, or you can choose to create what can be. Put all your energy into what you can do, into the positive steps you can… take, and deliver yourself to wherever you wish to be.”

-Ralph Marston

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Practical to-do’s for High School students to prepare for College Applications

Tips for attending a College Fair

Article: 5 Tips to Manage Stress for Teens During Senior Year


Practice online for the SAT – straight from the source

Free Practice SATs from Kaplan Test Prep

How to take a free online practice SAT test at Princeton Review Online

TEENS TAKE THE CITY – a dynamic leadership development program that offers teens opportunities to roll up their sleeves and get involved in issues affecting them and their community. Girls for Gender Equity on drunk driving (thank you to Mrs. Cramer for this link suggestion)

Article:  Letter from a 25 Year-Old Woman to her Younger Self

Article – Advice to Teen Girls: When Your Parents Embarass You

Hairing loss growing among kids

Article: You Are Who You Are

Kidstuff at Internet Public Library

Teenstuff at Internet Public Library

Your Dreams, Your Future — 4 Steps to Help You Get There

On AP and Honors Classes

Article – Study Guide for Non-Studious Students: Tips & Tricks to Ensure Success

A Perspective on Perseverance

Article: Advice for Teens: Change What You Do

teens against gang violence and awareness of change

Bullying: Are you a part of the problem?

Anger Management: Tips and advice

How To Talk To Your Parents

http://learn and play the new game: SUDOKU!

Chances are, you carry a pencil-sharpener for school.  Well, here are some brain-sharpening games.

other puzzles

Youth with Purpose

Chemist Carves Niche with Eco-Friendly Cosmetics

11-year old boy fights for his cause…

18 year old follows dream to become a fashion designer


In Memory of the Fallen:
(This is a very incomplete list, starting only from September 2009 – with the exception of Christopher)

Remembering Christopher Rose, 15 – stabbed at E.40th Street and Avenue D, July 2, 2005

Brian Scott, 18 – shot at Parkside Donut Shop – a rising urban inline-rollerskating star, 10/12/2009more

Malachi Cotton, 17 – shot after school in Brownsville at the corner of Hegeman and Rockaway, 10/26/2009

Derrion Albert, 16 – Chicago honor student killed by fists, feet and 2-by-4’s

Vance Rock, 23 and Darrian Delk, 19 – Fatally Shot In Car on Washington Avenue and St. John’s Place, 7/19/2009

Shannon Braithwaite, 16 – High School Honor Student and Dancer slashed to death at home by troubled cousin, 15, 9/30/2008, more


When it comes to college, what you have to remember is that the question isn’t: “will I go?”  it’s “WHERE will I go?”

There are many options available.  Some people have great grades and go to ivy-league colleges and universities, some people start off with community college and may choose to transfer to a 4-year college after they get their Associate’s Degree.

When it comes to preparing for college, there are just a few important things to remember. To find out more soon, click here.


NY1 seeking schollar-athlete candidates article says: “Students across the five boroughs have returned to class and NY1 is looking for candidates for our weekly Heath Plus Scholar Athlete.  The Health Plus/NY1 Scholar Athlete program celebrates student athletes who successfully combine academics with athletics, and also find time for community service.
The program, operated in conjunction with the New York City Department of Education, is open to any senior attending a New York City public high school.
Each week of the school year, a selected student is profiled on NY1 and receives a $2,000 scholarship to the school they choose to attend in the fall.

To apply, download and print out the official Scholar Athlete application, then mail it to the address on the form.”