Remembering Christopher Rose

Christopher Rose made his entrance into to the lives of Errol, Sharon, Ameerah, Xamayla and Crystal Rose on November 24th., Thanksgiving Day in 1989. Chris was the last child and only son of the Rose family. His mother named him Christopher (Christ Offer) as an offering to God.

Christopher was a loving and sweet little boy who grew into an even sweeter young man, never without a smile. His life revolved around his family and close friends. Chris loved music. He played the drums. He was very happy spending hours alone making beats on a beat machine bought by his mother.

He loved sports, especially skiing and basketball. He also loved to travel and looked forward to going to Atlanta this past summer with his family. Family time was very important to Chris and he looked forward to the unity and togetherness that it brought.

Christopher was born in East New York, Brooklyn and spent his first years there.  His family later moved to East Flatbush, Brooklyn and Bushkill, Pennsylvania.  Christopher attended High School in Bushkill. 

On the day of his death, Christopher, who had been visiting with his family in East Flatbush, was on his way back to Bushkill with his friends for a summer party in honor of July 4th.

Christopher had hopes of becoming an electrician.