About us

 Our History

On July 2, 2005, Christopher Rose, was murdered by a local street gang in a senseless act of violence one block away from his East Flatbush home.

Christopher aged 15, traveled with three friends including an 11 year old boy.  The four boys were chased and assaulted by a mob of 15-20 youth for an IPod.  In the resulting mayhem, Christopher was stabbed in the heart and stomach and died on the corner of E. 40th Street and Ave D in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn.

With many witnesses who did nothing to help–either out of apathy or fear. Christopher’s death served as a wake-up call to many in the community.  A few days after Chris’ death, his parents,  Errol and Sharon Rose, along with concerned community members resolved to do what they could to prevent this from happening to other parents and the Christopher Rose Community Empowerment Campaign (CRCEC) was born.

CRCEC works to mobilize the community to increase community awareness of the factors that contribute to youth violence; occurrences of violence; the impact of violence; and strategies for preventing delinquency of adolescents that leads to youth gang involvement and community violence.