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Young Academic Achievers in 2013:

February  2013 –
Orin Hercules, Jr., Midwood High
 Young Academic Achievers in 2012:
October  2012 –
Christopher Terrell Nelson,  Honor Roll Student at P.S. 138
 October  2012 –
Tafari John-Kin, Medgar Evers Prep
 July 2012 –
Asia Alman, Medgar Evers Prep
May  2012 –
Terrence Fraser, Nazareth High School, accepted to Princeton University
 April  2012 –
Hope Harris, Midwood High
March  2012 –
Kimberly Harris, Midwood High
January  2012 –
Tevin Vanager, Transit Tech, aspires to become a television broadcaster
 Young Academic Achievers in 2011:
July 2011 –
Gabrielle Garo, 13, MS51 and intern at the Julliard School for playing the flute
May 2011 –
Nikesha Hamilton, 16, Trevor Day School.
 April 2011 –
Akilah Doldron, 15, High School for Medical Careers.  Aspiring obstetrician
 February 2011 –
Ashley Harris, 17, Midwood High School.  Aspiring ophthalmologist
January 2011 –
Nia James, 18, Berkeley Carroll School, biological sciences
 Young Academic Achievers in 2010:
Dec 2010 – Kaniyah St. Germain, age 9, P.S. 251* This 4th grader scored a perfect 4 on the statewide ELA’s and was recommended by her teacher for being very bright, articulate and a champion for others. She was also selected as peer mediator for her school.
July 2010 – Saunte Lewis, age 14, P.S. / I.S. 66
* Recommended by her guidance counselor as a very positive and hardworking student with an engaging personality and strong advocacy skills creating the right mix for a successful future.
 June 2010 – Jules George, age 13, P.S./ I.S. 66: * Promising 8th grader who was the only student from his school that qualified for admission to Brooklyn Technical High school
 April 2010 – Qaim Fraser, age 17, Nazareth High School
* Briliant senior who is active in community service and also gifted academically. accepted to several prestigious colleges.
January 2010 – Amir Scott, age 9, P.S. 251
* 4th grader who wrote his own 26 chapter book, received perfect scores on all his statewide reading and math exams.

Nominate a Young Academic Achiever here.  Send an email to info@crcec.org.